MSU System


Mindanao State University System is the only university in the Philippines with a special mandate of integrating the cultural communities, specially the Muslims into the mainstream of the nation's socio-cultural and political life by providing them with opportunities for quality and relevant public education for their self development and providing trained manpower skills and technical know-how for the economic development of the Mindanao, Sulu (Basilan and Tawi-Tawi) and Palawan region.

Nature and Features of MSU

1. MSU is an affirmative action for the integration of the Muslims and other cultural minorities into the mainstream of national life, and a policy instrument to capacitate their communities to catch up with the more developed regions in the country. Hence, MSU needs a “catching up” budget for it to play a significant role in the development of its service-area.

2. MSU has an urgent peace building or counter-insurgency mandate, with most of its campuses located in conflict- affected areas in Mindanao. MSU campuses are expected to compete with the camps of the MILF, MNLF and Abu Sayyaf in attracting /coopting young Muslims.

3. Most MSU campuses are residential universities entailing huge maintenance and operating expenses. Aside from their big number of academic and administrative buildings, many MSU campuses have student dormitories, faculty and staff cottages, and huge land areas. For example, MSU Main Campus in Marawi City has 250 faculty and staff cottages, and 9 student dormitories. Most of these structures are too old and dilapidated; many of them are more than four decades old!

MSU Campuses

MSU, has a multi – regional service area. Its 11 collegiate campuses are located in 8 provinces, in 4 of the 6 regions in Mindanao, as follows:

ARMM (Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao)

Region IX (Zamboanga Peninsula)

Region X (Northern Mindanao)